Friday, October 5, 2012

Book Review: The Queen's Betrayal by Cege Smith

Title: The Queen's Betrayal 
Series: Bloodtruth Book 2
Author: Cege Smith
Publisher: Self published
Date of Publication: Sept.3, 2012
Format: Kindle
Source: received from author for honest review
Get it: Amazon 
Goodreads Summary:
Newly crowned Queen Angeline Robart is in a world of trouble. With her father’s passing, enemies are rising from all sides. She needs allies, but doesn’t know who to trust. Connor, the handsome vampire who captured her heart, is caught in the middle when his coven’s death squad descends on the capital city unaware of his change in fealty. Malin, the man she is supposed to marry, is harboring his own secrets and seems to be eyeing a much bigger prize.

Angeline must save the capital city, control her own demon, and unravel the knotted threads of Altera’s bloody history before it’s too late. Somewhere in the past is the answer to her future.

My Thoughts:

I loved the first book in The Bloodtruth Series, Heiress of Lies, and you can find my review of it here.
I really enjoy period pieces, even if this is more of a fantasy of a different world sort, I would still consider it a historical fantasy fiction.  I know that is  a handfull but it is what it is. 
Let's look at the cover first: I love the drawing of the Queen on the cover with her long black hair. I think it represents Angeline perfectly.  This cover is very nice!
The Queen's Betrayal has a lot of different paranormal creatures involved including, vampires, witches, and even a few shifters too.   We even get to see a horror aspect to this story especially with the sick and twisted ways of some of the vampires in it.  But it isn't very gory; it is more the idea behind it.  
I do like our female heroine, Angeline, very much.  She is strong, smart, and loyal especially to her kingdom.  She is the perfect example of what a queen should be, but she also knows how to ask for help when things get entirely too rough.  Sure she has her failings, but if you was carrying the burdens she has, you would have failings too.  
I love our fellow gentlemen vampire, Connor.  He is one serious heartthrob in this book and I find myself praying for the cure he seems to hold out for.  I like the fact he wants to be good but he seems to have this inner struggle to find out what good really is.  He wants to protect Angeline but realizes he must make sacrifices to obtain this.  He is completely up front about how he is dedicated to Angeline yet there are times he tends to get a little sappy for my tastes.
The other lesser characters are helpful to get the plot twists underway.  Malin is still a puzzlement to me.  On one hand I want to like him but on the other he continuously ticks me off.  I think he crosses the ultimate line in this book and I don't see how he can come back from it this time.  
The  story and plot lines were creatively crafted to ensure we didn't get bored with the different twists and turns it took.  

I did. however, have a problem with some scenes tending to be repeated often.  For example, the telepathy scene was replayed from Angeline telling the story and Connor's side too.  There were other examples as well.  
It also seemed there was a lot of repeating the background information.  Which is fine to do that but lets' just do it once and not over and over again.  Sometimes I felt like I was reading a recap of the last book in a few pages each chapter.  
I also noticed many grammatical errors through out the story.  I did get a little confused at some of these mistakes but I was still able to enjoy the novel anyways.  
I think if you like the stories with Kings and Queens in them as well as vampires mixed in for added excitement you should give the Bloodtruth series a try.  There is a little bit of everything in it to make you happy.  
I give it four hearts!

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