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Blog Tour: Here They Lie by D'Ann Burrow

Hi everyone!!  I was so honored to get to participate in this blog tour hosted by Xpresso Book Tours! 
This is a really great book and I cannot wait to share my review with ya'll.  Also, don't forget to check out the giveaway going on too!  Thanks again!

Title: Here They Lie by D’Ann Burrow 
 Series: (The Bloodstone Legacy #1) 
Publication date: October 5th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Southern Gothic
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Book Synopsis:

Reese Everett’s aunt picked a bad time to die. Just weeks after a car accident left Reese’s mother unable to travel, her aunt’s house needs to be emptied and sold, leaving Reese as the only member of the family who can do the job. She typically wouldn’t balk at the opportunity to sift through her aunt’s collection of antiques, but when she arrives in Devil’s Vale, Georgia, she discovers the family house in a state of disrepair she won’t be able to handle alone.
Colton Waters is back in Devil’s Vale – whether he likes it or not. After he loses his acceptance to medical school with no explanation, he’s left with a single job offer…one that will return him to the hometown he’d hoped to escape.When an errand to help his sister ends in a meeting with Reese neither will easily forget, Colton takes a job as her temporary handyman.
The longer Reese stays in town, the more she realizes the condition of her aunt’s house isn’t the only thing she hadn’t expected when she made the trip to Devil’s Vale. Reese isn’t the only gifted member of the family – her aunt Kate has been practicing the family business…the business Reese has been sworn never to discuss.
After a ghostly visitor arrives one night, Reese and Colton learn Kate wasn’t the only one practicing the darker arts. They begin to uncover secrets that refuse to stay buried.

Here They Lie won the Young Adult Romance Writer’s 2014 award for New Adult fiction.

My Review:

I really love a book that gives so much ado to Southern history.  Actually, I really love any history; but I can't help but be partial to Georgia history because I am from GA!
It's also really cool when you're reading a book and you see the town you live in mentioned as being only 30 minutes away from the fictional setting.  That is almost as good as seeing your state on TV!   That is a great way for me to share a intimate familiarity with the book, Here They Lie.  

As I was saying, I love history and it is amazingly cool that the main character, Reese, is an anthropologist, or at least one in the making.   Reading the beautiful descriptions of the old houses and the town of Devil's Vale; you can definitely tell the author is a huge Southern history fan.   She does such a wonderful job of world building that you really feel as if you are taking a stroll through town. 

Besides the wonderful world building, the characters are also interesting too.  Each person in Devil's Vale seems to have some sort of magical power that again makes the story that much better.  Devil's Vale is this tourist town based on pretend magic (according to the tourists) which in reality is real magic!  It is very creative!

The area of the town is what adds to this intense ghostly feel of the story.  The dark swamps, with the silent forests, and the very bumpy and old dirt roads just makes it feel like someone is always watching.  And yes, there is this creepy fog.  Even, as I write this right now, living on a bumpy dirt road, there is fog everywhere surrounding my house.  Its is freaking awesome!

The plot was also a pretty creative one too!  You get pulled into the story  and swept up with the characters as the past and future seem to collide together.  Even as you get to know some of the more prominent characters, there is this nagging sensation that nothing is as it seems. 

However, the pace did seem to move a little slow at times.  But instead of the tempo, we get more in depth with the history of Devil's Vale and its inhabitants.  It seems to be a fair trade.

There was also a couple other areas that I didn't enjoy- like the alternating point of views.  It was confusing without a sub title telling who was talking at the time.  There was one time, it was talking about driving the jeep through the woods to the house and I literally didn't know who it was: Reese or Colton, especially since they both have a jeep.  
Another irritation was the amount of sex going on in this book.  Now let me explain myself first.  I am not a prude; I love erotica and try to experience all types of genres.  However, it just seemed like our two main characters would have sexual relations at the drop of a hat.  And that's cool ; but we are talking about major plot events that were pretty sad and devastating and they seemed to getting ready to do the dirty jig.  
It just seemed to stretched; instead of letting it just happen.  

Other than these mishaps, I still enjoyed Here They Lie very much.  It has lots of twists and turns, with such a cool understanding of ghosts it was hard not to love this book.  It is full of rich history and it has my home state in it.  I am really loving the Southern Gothic genre and I think Here They Lie is a great asset to the genre.

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D’Ann Burrow once told her preschool teacher she wanted to be a witch when she grew up. That simple comment signaled the start of a life-long fondness of things that go bump in the night. As she grew older, she could most often be found with her nose buried in a book, and she was especially fond of the Nancy Drew series as well as anything by Christopher Pike or Stephen King. Occasionally she’d take a trip to the world of the classics where The Scarlet Pimpernel and A Little Princess reigned among her favorites. She’s lost count of the times she’s read Little Women.
Today, D’Ann enjoys the world of Supernatural, stories about guys with fangs, and she’s seldom met a disaster film she hasn’t liked. When she grows up, she’d like to work at the Haunted Mansion. Until then, watching Ghost Hunters will have to count as research.
D’Ann writes about secrets people keep. Even the bravest heroine or a guy with a heart of gold has a few skeletons in the closet they’d rather not share with the world. When those secrets get out, things get interesting.
A Texas native, she knows making great guacamole is an art form. As a theater mom, she’ll happily chat about Broadway musicals by the hour. Molly and Lizzie, the family furry ones, are frequent stars of her Instagram account.

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It's a REVEAL and a Giveaway!!! Sin Eater Episode 1.1 by Pavarti K. Tyler & Jessica West

You've heard rumblings about it, now it's finally here. SIN EATER by Pavarti K. Tyler and Jessica West is available now on Check out the giveaway at the end of this post!

Episode 1.1 is FREE 9/25 & 9/26 so grab your copy NOW. After that it will be $0.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited:

Episode 1.2 is available now for $0.99:


From Award-Winning Author Pavarti K. Tyler and Speculative Fiction Author Jessica West, comes a Dark Urban Fantasy serial about evil, and the next step in its evolution.

**This is Episode ONE in a seven part urban fantasy/horror serial**

A Sin Eater who battles demons for souls
A Priest who must protect what he most desires, even from himself,
A rogue Romani mortician with an attitude, a secret, and a powerful weapon,
And a Secret Order of the Church who knows more than they’re saying…
Nikolai Grekh is the last Sin Eater.

Born into a world rampant with demon possession, Nik Grekh struggles to keep Hell’s hordes from consuming the world, but he grows weary of the constant battle against sin. Evil grows stronger as more souls are lost. With each new possession growing increasingly violent, Nik fears he may be losing the war.

When Nik confronts a demon he can barely defeat, he reaches out to the only man who can save him. The only man he trusts. The one man he can never have…
Evil has resided alongside humanity since the beginning of time, feeding on our weaknesses, our vices. Our sins. It hungers for our souls, its demonic offspring possessing humans, corrupting, manipulating, using us as unwitting pawns in a supernatural chess match for the ultimate price: life.

The Crucifixion of Christ saved humanity once. What will it take to save us this time?

*contains mature content, offensive themes, and general deviance*

Sin Eater 1.1 is approximately 10,000 words or 45 pages, and is the first of seven episodes in the first season of the Sin Eater serial. If you don’t enjoy serials, you can pre-order the full Box Set on Amazon.

A Note About Serials: These are not stand alone books, however, if that drives you crazy, you can PREORDER the full box set now:


For those reading alone as each episode is released, here is the full schedule:

Sin Schedule


Publication Date

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Box Set


Read an Excerpt

Nik's hand dripped blood and his forehead throbbed.
"You can't kill this man and that's the only way you'll get rid of me. You can't take an innocent life without opening yourself up to my kind. So go ahead, kill him, and then I'll wrap myself in your shell and consume your soul." The monster licked its lips.
The leaky, red eyes of the demon’s host displayed the first real signs of fear. It was all but beat. He was almost finished.
"Behold and obey. By the power of Christ, invested in me by the Kingdom of Heaven and its mighty King, I command you to yield. For this vessel is a child of God, sacred unto him."
Beads of sweat popped out on the brow of the man before him, now crouching and glaring up at Nik. One side of his face had melted away, leaving only sinew and bone. He curled his arms and fists, making his biceps bulge with effort.
His voice, empowered by his birthright and emboldened by experience, rang clear in the night. "I exorcise thee, every unclean spirit, in the name of God," Nik pressed his bloody palm against the demon's forehead, "and in the name of Jesus, and in the name of the Holy Spirit!"
Nik drew the sign of the cross on the demon's flesh with his own blood.
"Tell me your name! The blood of Christ compels you!"
The man's bulging muscles shook. He ground his teeth, trying his best to stop from revealing his name and giving Nik the only thing he needed to destroy him. He screamed, a long and low furious yell that revealed the only thing that might have kept him safe: "Naamah."

Nik slapped his wet palm onto the man's sweaty forehead. "I exorcise thee, Naamah, in the name of God, and in the name of Jesus," Nik's hand burned the man's flesh, but he couldn't stop, "and in the name of the Holy Spirit." He pulled his face close until the two were eye-to-eye.

The black from the demon's eyes receded into its head, traveling the surface of the man's skin and turning it gray. He opened his mouth and a black cloud rushed out, choking its former host as it was expelled.
The monster let out a shriek as the last of its hold on the man was ripped out, sliding out of his human host's mouth and into a black glob on the street.
The man came to his senses. Confusion showed in his eyes as his mind was once again able to access his body. As the evil left the man's body, he slumped to the ground and Nik lowered with him. Nik stayed just long enough to make sure the man's pulse was stable. His job was to get the evil out, not to worry about what happened after.
Nik’s head spun, he was too exhausted, sick, and confused to reason it out. He’d exorcised the demon. That’s all that mattered. He’d figure out the particulars later.
The blood on Nik's hand glowed a deep red in the darkness as he reached out and grabbed the evil before him. With a silent prayer, he picked it up, black sin wrapping around his fingers like tentacles. Bile rose in his mouth at the thought of what he needed to do next. Twice in one night.
The throb in his head began again and Nik stuffed the evil into his mouth, swallowing its slick putrid essence in one gulp.
Nik stood, but he swayed and leaned heavily on the wall to his left, unable to see through the dark haze that descended over his eyes. He felt like someone had snuffed him out. Cold gripped his body, seeping into his bones, pulling him down, crushing him in its icy fist.
He instantly regretted treating this one as he had every other. He should have known better. There was nothing about this possession that had been like the others. After everything he went through to beat this thing, he came right back around to the same thought as before. This would be the one that killed him.

And now the fun part!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Blog Tour: Book Review & Giveaway: The Redeemers by Kate Morgan

Hi everybody!  I am so happy to be a part of the blog tour for the book, The Redeemers by Kate Morgan.  I want to send a huge thank you to the author as well as Me, Myself and i for putting this together and allowing me to take part in it!  Ya'll Rock! 


Author: Kate Morgan
Publisher:  Dark Recesses Press

Long after the Great War life flourished again, in no small part due to The Redeemers' help and guidance. It was a simple life, but a good one. Annie's world made sense...until one fateful day when everything of value is ripped from her.
With nothing left to lose, Annie embarks upon a quest for the dark, disturbing truth of why - never imagining how deep the trail leads.Find it :
Kindle | Goodreads |

My Thoughts:

The Redeemers was a very exciting read.  I love books that can take different interpretations of a religion and turn it into a mystery and thriller.  It also helps to throw in some cult like tendencies in there to keep things turned up a notch.  Kate Morgan does this and more with The Redeemers and keeps us on the edge of our seat the entire time.  
The setting in the story had me imagining the medieval times but it is actually set in the future.  I don't think this is a mistake on the author's part; actually I feel this is a creative way to show us how much civilization has lost through the Great War.  Every thing has returned to this simpler time in life and technology is nonexistent.  It is almost like an alternate universe, perhaps?  
The main character, Annie, has to deal with such physical and emotional turmoil, it is hard for us, as the reader, not to feel her pain intensely.  The graphic writing of the torture she endures just in the first few chapters is very vivid and intense.  It appeals to all of our five senses, making sure we grasp the situation just as Annie tries to understand it.  
Even after the physical torture is over, the mental torture continues throughout the book.  A lot of it is by Annie herself because she has such a hard time of trusting people.  Can you blame her?  Absolutely not.   But not being able to relax and trust anyone can do a lot of harm to someone already hurt.  
The world building was excellent.  I felt like I was transported to each village Annie goes into and felt like I could just reach out and interact with the scenery.  And when Annie sees all the old books, my heart jumps for joy.  It was hard to contain my excitement for her as she was able to ponder over each one.  The descriptions are right on target and I loved to watch as Annie learned more about what each Page meant to others.  

The plot was so original!  It takes an interesting concept and adds this cult like thriller to it as well as mystery and a feeling of "Who can I trust" ideas to it.  I really did love The Redeemers!  It was creepy, eerie, and just left you with this huge cliffhanger at the end that had me screaming for the next book asap!  

I think if you enjoy any of the things I described above, you should definitely give The Redeemers a try.  It was overpowering to my emotions to be in the dark through the book alongside Annie.  We learn as she learns and it becomes that much more sinister to us too.  


Kate Morgan is a darn good cook. She grows her own veggies, knits stuffed monsters, and watches lots of Hammer Horror.

Connect with her at:

Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter |


3 Winners will each get a handmade Redeemer amigurumi!
Ships In US Only. By Entering you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in the Raffecopter Form. 

You may be asking yourself, "What is an amigurumi?"  Well here is a pic of the adorableness!
Isn't that so cute?  I love it and it takes a lot of craftiness to make, so a huge shout out to our author, Kate Morgan, for that!

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