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ARC Book Review: Pale Wolf by Tim McGregor ( Bad Wolf Chronicles # 2)

Title: Pale Wolf
Author: Tim McGregor
Series: Bad Wolf Chronicles # 2
Publisher/Date of Publication: Perdido Pub/ Dec. 17,  2012
Source:  received from author for my honest opinion of it.
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Book Synopsis:

A cop on a mission. A woman running from her fate. Both on a collision course with evil.

In the pulse-pounding sequel to BAD WOLF, the nightmare that ripped open two lives slips from the darkness to once again stalk the streets of Portland.

Three months after his partner mysteriously vanished, detective John Gallagher is haunted by his encounter with something that should not exist. With no clues as to her disappearance, detective Lara Mendes is presumed dead but Gallagher refuses to give up the search. Like a man possessed, he pushes himself to the brink to find his missing partner.

At a downtown firing range, 17-year old Amy Gallagher is taught how to fire a gun by her father. She goes along for his sake but Amy is increasingly troubled by her father’s instability. His nightmares, paranoia and obsession with locating his missing partner are clear signs of post traumatic stress but her pleas for him to seek help fall on deaf ears. Chafing under his strict rules, Amy struggles to save her dad before he pushes himself over the edge.

Two hundred miles away, a woman with a terrible secret hides in the vastness of the Oregon wilderness, desperate to outrun her fate. Banished into self-imposed exile with a worsening condition, ex-detective Lara Mendes has exhausted any hope for a cure to her cursed existence. With no options left, her last chance for peace may be to take her own life.

Stalking her through the pines is a primordial nightmare plucked straight from a Grimm’s fairytale. It wants Lara Mendes and will stop at nothing to get her.

The only question that remains is who will get to her first, and what will Lara do when they come?

My Thoughts:

Well when I got this book it was an ARC so I am still sticking with that, even though it took me so long to read it.  
And remember this is book 2 so if you are interested in this story you need to pick up Bad Wolf first.  Click here for my review of Bad Wolf.

Alright so I am going to let you know that I am a huge werewolf fan!  I love all kinds too:  
  • the sweet loving "Team Jacob" wolves
  • those wolves that are fierce but can be gentle as well
  • the wolves that  will rip everything in front of them to shreds 

The werewolves in Pale Wolf are not for the faint of heart.  They are powerful gruesome beasts that bring back the wolves primarily remind you of the old eighties and nineties movies, like The Howling or American Wolf in London.  
I am absolutely enthralled in Tim McGregor's writing.  He has this unique and amazing ability to create this eerie story that really makes you want to keep the lights on at night.  This man has a natural talent to be a storyteller!

And even in the midst of all the terror, all the killings, and the fear McGregor shows us a human side to even the basest monsters.  Hope.  Love.  Sacrifice.  
There were parts in the story that I wasn't happy with but I understood why it was written that way.    It was the right thing to do but hey, I still didn't like it!  

The characters in Pale Wolf are strong, especially Lara and Amy, and complex because we see so much more to them than what we expect them to be.  
The plot goes hard ( sorry been listening to a lot of rap music lately) and it will keep you hooked the minute you pick up the book.  I started this like Sunday and I finished it just now.  I literally had a very hard time putting it down.  But I am like that with all of his books.  
McGregor doesn't do this lovey dovey happy ending stuff; instead he does the harsh tragic reality and yet he still keeps me coming back every time he comes out with a new book.  
I truly love this author who can bring gore, horror, cop drama, mystery, suspense, and one of my favorite supernatural creatures, werewolves, together to create this powerful novel that will keep you wound up to the very end.  

Five hearts all the way!

Connect with Tim McGregor:

Tim McGregor is a Toronto-based writer working in film, television and print. His film credits include the apocalyptic thriller Final Storm, starring Lauren Holly and Luke Perry, the horror-comedy Bitten, starring Jason "Jay" Mewes and Ultimate Killing Machine, an action thriller featuring Michael Madsen. A former comic book artist and DIY publisher, Tim began working in film after attending The Canadian Film Centre, a film institute and training center founded by Norman Jewison.

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