Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Monday ! What Are You Reading ? (1)

This is my first time doing this meme and I am pretty stoked about it, if I do say so myself!  (I really like that saying-"if I do say so myself"- I find myself saying it a lot lately:  "And that is how you make your beds if I do say so myself; Now that is a perfect pancake if I do say so myself....)  

Anyways, I found this really cool meme while browsing the blogging world and I just knew I had to jump into it too.  
So if you are interested in " It's Monday! What are you reading?" then be sure to go see Sheila at Book Journey to  get all the details of it.  

So I am reading and listening to a few things, although, not that much because we are hunkering down and preparing for CRCTs here in our household.  So this virtual schooling mom is just a wee bit stressed.  

I am a huge fan of Tim McGregor and have read a couple of his books so I was pretty happy to finally get around to reading this second book in his Bad Wolf Chronicles.  If you like cop dramas mixed with a lot of emotion and werewolves that are not friendly but wholly mesmerizing from the terror they invoke then this is definitely a series you need to check out!  

And this beauty I have on audiobook.  I love this story so much! I am actually a good ways done with this so I see the review coming up in the very near future. This series is magical to me and I recommend this to anyone who loves a good tragic love story.  Think Romeo and Juliet but from a supernatural standpoint.  Days of Blood & Starlight is a strong emotional story and that cover is pretty awesome too,huh?  

Do you have any great reads that you would like to share?  I would love to hear from you down in the comments!


  1. I need to retry the audio of Days of Blood and Starlight. IT was good, I just wasn't into it when I started it. Hope you enjoy!

    The Monster Report

    1. I am not really a huge audiobook fan; I have a few narrators that I really like. Kristine Hvam is one of them.
      I would like to have the book too just for the fact that I make sure I spell everyone's names right for the review.
      But definitely give it a try again if you can I love this story. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I've been wanting to get to Days of Blood and Starlight! Enjoy! Here's what I'm reading:

  3. I've yet to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but I want to so frackin bad. It's been on my TBR since before its release date. Heh. Glad to see you're enjoying the series, though.

    My Monday Post! :)
    ~ Gabbi

  4. I am reading Knots and Crosses.


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