Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hi everybody!  I have been in the throeof.....healing.   What were you guys thinking

Sorry just trying to insert some humor there.  
Actually,   I finally got my nerves up and faced my fear of the dentist.  
For  a while I have had a problem with my teeth, especially after caring two big babies at the same time.   We found out that the twins (and the two boys that came later ) were taking their needs from my body;  no matter how much milkvitamins,  etc  I took it still wasn't  enough.  
So hence why my teeth were in such a terrible state.

But last Wednesday I went in to have it took care of.   And it was a lot.   There were 19 teeth in all that had to be pulled and I was a hot drooling mess afterwards.   I am still healing right now, getting my strength back slowly,  and learning to see the good in me instead of being ashamed of myself.  
Yes I still look..... different but I know I am more healthy and that seems more important.  
I am actually really looking forward to smilingreally smiling and not have to worry about scaring people.   Yes I am being serious.  

I promise   I am not unloading on you.   And usually I don't share this much about things about my mouth because I have been so ashamed of how I lookbut you are my readers and I have this huge love and respect for you all so much.   I wanted to be honest with  Yall.   So I promise when I get a little better   I will bring out some exceptional reviews.  I will also be a part of an upcoming blog hop and some blog tours.  
Thanks guys for being so understanding!!

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