Saturday, May 19, 2012

Freebie Friday Review: Flames in the Midst by Sarah Reckenwald

     Flames in the Midst by Sarah Reckenwald
   Published: August 2011
   Format: Kindle

Goodreads Summary:
What if you denied being a witch your whole life?
What if you believed you killed your own mother?
What if you were wrong?
Jade Hale seeks a normal life as she hides her magical and tragic upbringing. But when destiny steals her from the present to her past, she discovers an unwelcomed truth — her mother’s death wasn’t an accident. In a whirlwind of circumstance, her quest for justice sweeps her back to her magical roots, and suddenly, her every decision controls the past, present, and future. Will she be able to hold onto her new life while immersed in the magical world she left behind? Her confusing and disturbing attraction for a strange, yet familiar boy from her past could destroy both.

My Feelings:

This is my Freebie Friday review (even though I am a little late posting it, let's just pretend it's still Friday, ok?)  I found this book at that great little website Pixel of Ink, where I was able to purchase this book on the Kindle for free.  

So, I did it again.  I judged a book by its cover.  Fortunately, for me, this book turned out to be as exceptional as the cover is.  Thank goodness.  
The emotions that our lead female character, Jade Hale, has to go through is enough to make anyone a little distant, but to totally give up your heritage is really extreme.  But that is exactly what Jade wants to do, until she realizes she isn't the one responsible for her mother's death.  Then it is revenge time.  

There is so many different magical elements associated with the witches in this story.  Jade is blessed with a few rare gifts, including time travel.  It tended to get a little confusing when trying to understand the concept of time travel but the author does a great way of explaining in a more mundane understanding.  
And of course, there is a love interest..or two bouncing around in the plot of this book.   There are two male characters that I feel will have more to do with Jade(if there are more books to come) as she becomes even more confident as a witch.  Both male characters are likable, but I would have to be on team Chase instead of Cameron.  However, you do learn something very interesting about Cameron that could change your opinion of the guy.  
I really really loved this story!  I couldn't help but get swept up into Jade's emotional life as she has to relive losing her mom again to start a journey she may not come back from unscathed.   I had to give this book five hearts!

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