Sunday, May 20, 2012

Review: Undressed to Kill: The Investigations of Ralphy by David Andrew McGlone

Undressed to Kill: The Investigations of Ralphy
Author: David Andrew McGlone
Published: Kindle April 2012
Formats: Kindle, Nook

Ralphy is the city's first and only existential private eye. Dogged and loyal, he battles with his love of drink, a weakness for beautiful women and a meagre intellect to solve six fascinating cases. A murdered husband who was never born; a little-bo-peep impersonator; a fashion victim mafia boss and a secretary-cum-partner who is as lethal as she is beautiful. Ralphy encounters all of these and more in his investigations, a selection of cases that are as much hammered as Hammer; as much Merlot as Marlowe.

My Ramblings:
This book is funny, in that Leslie Nelson and the Naked Gun movie sorta way.  It is that literal humor(not sure if that is a true term) and plenty of sexual innuendos to last me for the rest of my life.   Reading this book about our not so smart private eye, Ralphy, made me think of many Mel Brooks' films.  It is the kind of humor that is sometimes past the point of being funny and is just plain silly.  
Sometimes, I found myself rolling my eyes at some of the attempts at humor; but there are some parts that really are laugh out loud funny. I still do not understand how Ralphy gets the "girl" so to speak, in as many ways, as he does.  I guess he is good at other things, besides being smart.  There are a few constants throughout these short stories: Ralphy is usually drunk or on his way there, Ralphy is usually getting ready to sleep with one lucky(or unlucky?) lady, and Ralphy has to rely on his friends to help him solve the cases.  
But the cases are pretty insane which helps add to the comedy.  All in all, it is a funny read and will give you something to laugh at, especially if you think your luck is not so great; just remember, it could always be worse.  You could be like Ralphy.  I have to give this 3 hearts.


  1. It is but you know how sometimes those movies like Airplane could get a little annoying. But for the most part it was funny.


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