Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: Warrior's Rise (Warriors For Light Book 1)

This is a review of Warrior's Rise by LJ DeLeon. 

Warrior's Rise is a good book. It isn't one of my favorites but I do believe that this series, Warriors For Light, has shown great promise.
The first book, Warrior's Rise, a richly descriptive way of telling about the 2 different worlds, Earth, and Otherworld. Otherworld of course being where most of the Fae live.
This story does have it all; shifters,witches, demons, Fae of course, and humans. There are other countless other supernatural species that you get to find out about.
Our heroine of this novel is a half human half Fae woman that is supposed to be the Goddess' most powerful weapon. But we soon find out there is much more to that than just being a weapon.

I actually enjoyed Deva, the heroine, immensely. She is very realistic. She worries about everyone, she is insecure when it comes to what she must do. I could relate to her more on that level than any other. I too worry about everything too.
The hero of our story, Padrig, is a Fae Warrior who is just yummy. From the moment you meet him in the first few pages, there are sparks jumping off the page where he is involved. He is one sexy man that you just know screams of danger and promises passion.
The other characters help to show the love that Deva feels for everyone.
I think this first novel sets up the series very well and I am excited to read the next books in the series.
This book does have points where sometimes things repeat themselves and I find some things confusing. There are other places where it does get a little boring, but not enough to stop reading the book. I took my time with this book and is somewhat of a slow read. But all in all, I think for anyone that likes Fae, shifters, or any other creatures from the supernatural ilk, should at least give this book a try.  
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