Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: Dragon Child (Warriors For Light, Book 2)

This is my review of Dragon Child by LJ DeLeon.  This is book 2 in the series, Warriors For Light.
The heroine, Moira, is sister of Padrig and we get to learn more about her in this book.  And I know everyone enjoyed the role, Steve, our wereleopard, played in the first book; and now he gets to share the storyline with Moira in this book.

The first book, I liked but wasn't completely into it.  But I had huge hopes for the series, and I am thankful that this book didn't disappoint.

First, let me say that Steve is just amazing.  He has this attitude that just begs someone to pet the kitty.  He has so much untapped emotion in him but has to keep everything on lock down being the next Felix in charge.
I love how DeLeon was able to show how the man and the cat can argue over dominance.  There is even a special scene that shows how the cat thinks inside the man.  The best part is when the man and the cat are finally in agreement with each other on what they have to do to keep it together.
Moira, having her own secrets, that until recently she wasn't privy to, is described as a beautiful creature.  I think this book cover is gorgeous and I feel that it gives us such a wonderful image of what Moira could look like.  She is a free spirit and it is easy to see the attraction that is felt between her and Steve.  He seems like a free spirit to me as well as lonely.
I loved this book!  DeLeon's writing has improved since her first book and I can't wait till I get to the third book.  There is so much excitement and intrigue you will be on the edge of your seat the entire time.  I had a very hard time putting this book down.  The emotion that DeLeon is able to create is priceless; I found myself wanting to get into the battle against the Dark Lord and the evil mage, Carlson.
I hope to see a book about Sabina soon.  I know she is self serving and bratty, but oh my, I do love Sabina.  Sabina is just plain funny.  She doesn't care what anyone thinks of her, except maybe her father, and intentionally says things that put the "Earthers" begging to smother her.  I hope to see big things come from her.
I also am in love with the Deity being a Goddess.  I have long questioned the fact that who we pray to has to be a man.  This is such a wonderful refreshing take on religion as well, because why can't our deity be a Goddess?  Very good insight.
I am looking forward to finishing this series, and I hope LJ DeLeon gives us more and more.
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