Friday, February 10, 2012

Review: Prince of Wolves

I decided to do a quick review of Quinn Loftis's first book in her series The Grey Wolves, called Prince of Wolves, because I just got her 3rd book in the series.  I am so excited I can barely breathe to read this third book.  But I wanted to share with ya'll how I felt about the other two.

In Prince of Wolves, we meet a young lady from Texas named Jacque, who is your typical teenager.  She has two best friends, Jen and Sally, a wonderful mama, and a hot neighbor moving in across the street.
Enter Fane, a foreign exchange student from Romania, who is mysterious and pretty sexy too.  And he is also a werewolf; a royal werewolf.

We get to follow the two of these characters through what seems a pretty fast love affair.  Everything seems to happen really fast and the only problem I had with this book is it didn't last long enough.

This book is super funny, especially with the best friends comments throughout the story.  I also liked how Jacque is straight up with her friends from the very start; she doesn't try to hide anything from her best friends.  It is also refreshing to find the male character of the story that seems to respect her friends too.

I believe that many young person will appreciate this book because it relates to what they are going through in this day and age, even if from a paranormal point of view.  I encourage anyone who enjoyed Twilight to definitely give this series a shot.  I was not disappointed and was actually sad when I finished the book.  It is very fast paced; there isn't a boring part in the novel, and it has a lot more comedy in it as well as drama too.

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