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Blog Tour: Book Review & Giveaway: The Redeemers by Kate Morgan

Hi everybody!  I am so happy to be a part of the blog tour for the book, The Redeemers by Kate Morgan.  I want to send a huge thank you to the author as well as Me, Myself and i for putting this together and allowing me to take part in it!  Ya'll Rock! 


Author: Kate Morgan
Publisher:  Dark Recesses Press

Long after the Great War life flourished again, in no small part due to The Redeemers' help and guidance. It was a simple life, but a good one. Annie's world made sense...until one fateful day when everything of value is ripped from her.
With nothing left to lose, Annie embarks upon a quest for the dark, disturbing truth of why - never imagining how deep the trail leads.Find it :
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My Thoughts:

The Redeemers was a very exciting read.  I love books that can take different interpretations of a religion and turn it into a mystery and thriller.  It also helps to throw in some cult like tendencies in there to keep things turned up a notch.  Kate Morgan does this and more with The Redeemers and keeps us on the edge of our seat the entire time.  
The setting in the story had me imagining the medieval times but it is actually set in the future.  I don't think this is a mistake on the author's part; actually I feel this is a creative way to show us how much civilization has lost through the Great War.  Every thing has returned to this simpler time in life and technology is nonexistent.  It is almost like an alternate universe, perhaps?  
The main character, Annie, has to deal with such physical and emotional turmoil, it is hard for us, as the reader, not to feel her pain intensely.  The graphic writing of the torture she endures just in the first few chapters is very vivid and intense.  It appeals to all of our five senses, making sure we grasp the situation just as Annie tries to understand it.  
Even after the physical torture is over, the mental torture continues throughout the book.  A lot of it is by Annie herself because she has such a hard time of trusting people.  Can you blame her?  Absolutely not.   But not being able to relax and trust anyone can do a lot of harm to someone already hurt.  
The world building was excellent.  I felt like I was transported to each village Annie goes into and felt like I could just reach out and interact with the scenery.  And when Annie sees all the old books, my heart jumps for joy.  It was hard to contain my excitement for her as she was able to ponder over each one.  The descriptions are right on target and I loved to watch as Annie learned more about what each Page meant to others.  

The plot was so original!  It takes an interesting concept and adds this cult like thriller to it as well as mystery and a feeling of "Who can I trust" ideas to it.  I really did love The Redeemers!  It was creepy, eerie, and just left you with this huge cliffhanger at the end that had me screaming for the next book asap!  

I think if you enjoy any of the things I described above, you should definitely give The Redeemers a try.  It was overpowering to my emotions to be in the dark through the book alongside Annie.  We learn as she learns and it becomes that much more sinister to us too.  


Kate Morgan is a darn good cook. She grows her own veggies, knits stuffed monsters, and watches lots of Hammer Horror.

Connect with her at:

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3 Winners will each get a handmade Redeemer amigurumi!
Ships In US Only. By Entering you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in the Raffecopter Form. 

You may be asking yourself, "What is an amigurumi?"  Well here is a pic of the adorableness!
Isn't that so cute?  I love it and it takes a lot of craftiness to make, so a huge shout out to our author, Kate Morgan, for that!


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