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Book Review: A Heart's Deceit by Cege Smith {Bloodtruth 4}

A Heart's Deceit
Cege Smith
Bloodtruth book 4
Published March 4, 2014
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Source: I did receive this ebook in exchange for my honest opinion of it.

In the stunning conclusion of the Bloodtruth series, rules have been broken. Queen Angeline Robart must face the consequences of her actions if she ever hopes to keep the Alteran throne.
As Angeline’s abilities grow stronger, it quickly becomes apparent that uncovering the lineage of her wraith is the key to everything. To secure her throne and banish her enemies forever, Angeline must become a master manipulator to find the answers she needs to save herself and her people. But her past doesn’t intend to let her go that easily.
In order to escape a death sentence, Connor Radwin gave into his basest instincts. Now that the time has arrived to return to his former self, he finds it more of a struggle than he ever anticipated. But he is unwilling to leave Angeline’s side; despite the fact that he knows she has to marry someone else.
With old foes emerging at every turn, Angeline’s time is running out. She is about to find out how far she will go to save her people. In this high-stakes game of deceit, the loser pays in blood.
The complete Bloodtruth Series:Heiress of Lies (Bloodtruth #1)The Queen's Betrayal (Bloodtruth #2)Trials of Truth (Bloodtruth #3)A Heart's Deceit (Bloodtruth #4)

My Thoughts:

Is this really the last book?  We have been on such a tremendous journey with Connor and Angeline that I find myself not really wanting it to end.  But alas...all good things do come to end.  Right?

I know I enjoyed watching both of these characters to grow and emerge as stronger, more complex characters than they started out as before.  Angeline has been through hell and yet she still did everything as regal and lady like as she could; even when she had to kick ass and take names!   She is definitely what it means to be a Queen as she puts the people she loves before her desires and truly learns the meaning of sacrifice.  
I love that she learns to embrace her supernatural self and also learn to hold her own against those older and more "wiser".  
And then there is Connor.  I love that name so much (probably because one of my twins is named that too)!  Connor was the complement to Angeline's powerful self.  I enjoyed it immensely when these two worked together because they were that good together.  Their interactions were written superbly and made you love these characters even more.  
The plot of  the series has always been an interesting one involving vampires and magic and I love that we get many secrets revealed in the last book, A Heart's Deceit.  I may have suspected some of these secrets; but it was still nice to see them come alive in the book.  
We also have a lot of characters that seem to lose their heads....literally.  In some cases, I was sad because I would have liked to see them in a more positive way.  But it was a good way to tie up some loose ends.  But again, I would have liked to see more story lines with some of these characters.  
Overall though, I think this was an exceptional ending to a amazing series that kept me reading into the wee morning hours.  I know that if you like fantasy with vampires and magic mixed in , then you would really like the Bloodtruth Series.  You should definitely give it a try!

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