Saturday, March 1, 2014

MARCH-ing to a Different Beat...

Can you believe it is already March first???  It seems like the months just go slipping by so fast and before I know it another year has passed us by.  That's what it felt like at the beginning of the year.  
Around last July up until now  I seem to be in a whirlwind of activity and the world just felt like it was spinning too fast for me to catch up to it!  
My husband moved up into a more demanding and responsibility -laden job, as well as having to move to another state with our family of six.  That was a really big deal for me, since I am used to being around my parents/family before I had kids; and now I was moving to a state (North Carolina) where I wouldn't have any family there at all.  
So besides going through the hectic job of packing things up and getting everything switched up for living in North Carolina, I found myself getting slightly depressed as well.  When that came around I wasn't in the mood to blog, although, I did read a lot.  
Then after we moved up, it seemed the crazed spinning only increased.  I went through some health problems, hardly seen my husband through all the hours he was working, and was homeschooling four boys.  
And then we got into the new year.  2014!  Did it seem like it came really fast to anyone else?  January went by in a blur, I don't think I even remember much about what happened.  
February did slow down a bit but I was still pretty busy.  North Carolina (and other parts of the south) had a visit from a very terrible winter storm that seemed to get special delight in causing mischief for drivers and trees.  Yes, I just personified the storm.  It happens.  
Then Valentine's Day and our 14th anniversary came around and I stayed busy again.  
Now that it is March 1st, I am sitting here just taking deep breaths and trying to de-stress.  Then I realize with a sudden start, that I completely forgot about my blog's anniversary/birthday!  How did this happen?!  My poor, pitiful blog.  I feel awful for forgetting you, dear.  How can I make it up to you?  

Then an idea formed....
I will throw a blog birthday bash!  Of course, it really benefit my readers the most...but I am sure my blog will feel the love too! (I  seem to really be into personification right now.  I think the kids and I will do a whole lesson just for kicks!)

Now, I haven't worked out the whole concept yet but I can promise you there will be books.  Lots of books to give away.  I will have one for international viewers as well as US viewers too.  And there will be other things too.  Fun things.  Surprises.  Some of you might even get a cute little picture drawn by one of my kids.  Of course, that won't be all you get but it might be hid among the prizes.  A prize within a prize, you might say.  

So I am planning on this to happen near St. Patrick's Day because I love that holiday!  And on a serious note, I just want to say how much I appreciate all my readers, all my followers, and those of you that have faith in me and believe in me even when I don't feel like believing in myself!  
Thanks so much yall!  

Also have any of you went through some things that seems like your world is spinning away from you?  How do you cope?  Are their things you do to help you ease the stress?  I would love to hear any stories or ideas you have in the comments below.  

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