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Book Review: Legacy by Robert J Crane {Book 8 in The Girl in the Box series }

Title: Legacy
Series: Girl in the Box
Author: Robert J. Crane
Publisher: Reikonos Press
Date of Publication: 2013
Source: received from author/also bought as well

Goodreads Synopsis:
Time is running out for Sienna Nealon. The mysterious organization Century is only weeks from wiping out the entire metahuman race. But just as Sienna has made the decision to fight them, her past catches up to her and she finds herself in the hands of the U.S. Government. Secrets long buried begin to rise, putting Sienna and everyone she cares about directly in the path of Century...and in a desperate search for the identity of their leader, Sovereign, a man who has plans of his own for Sienna.

My Thoughts:

This is one of those moments when you realize the author has really come into his/her own.  They have created the book that really shows you how much they have worked, how much they have grown, and just how damn good they really are.  
Legacy is that book.   I find myself wanting to blubber on and on about how good this book is.  I loved it that much.  It is powerful and brings together some very interesting characters that I think was genius, and inevitably to make them come together for the showdown that is coming. 
I have always been a huge fan of Crane; he is that undiscovered gem in a sea of self publishing stardom.  If you have not given this author a go I sincerely urge you to.  Mr. Crane can craft a story with so much emotion and creativity that you will find yourself being drawn into the plot experiencing every detail with the characters.  
I honestly feel like Legacy was the "holy grail" for me.  I found nothing, absolutely nothing that I disagreed with, and it just came out perfect.  
One of the reasons was how the chapters were set up.  I loved how he did flashbacks and then present day when it was relevant. And the flashback chapters were executed wonderfully.  The plot lines flowed so well and there was never a dull moment.  The action scenes were even better choreographed and I swear Crane pays so much attention to even the smallest detail, like how the guns are aimed correctly to the type of gas mask Sienna used, that helps us really feel like we are there in the room where the fight is going on.
Sure we could say this is a "guy" book from all the action, fighting, and gore that it pertains but it isn't really even that.  It is everyone's book.  There really is something in Legacy that spans different genres to bring many readers to its pages.  Sienna has really come into her own.  And I loved the remorse she shows, as well as someone else who I was hoping would come to their senses eventually.  There are so many emotions that decorate the pages of this book: guilt, forgiveness, understanding, empathy, and of course fear.  
Then to make a great book even better you add humor to the mix.  Even though Sienna has finally grown into a powerful and deadly young woman, she has kept her comedic relief that has really made this story what it is.  Even in the face of danger, Sienna can still crack a joke?  That is guts right there.  

Last flashback chapter is utter mastery.  I think I read it the whole time with my mouth slightly agape.  Loved it so much!  
We do find out some secrets in this book but Legacy really feels like our climatic book.  I don't know if that makes sense, but it just feels like so many things just came together and fit perfectly with the story.  Now is that to say that the book is loads of happy?  No.  And if you are used to Crane's work, you know he will make us cry with someone that had to kick the bucket.  But I think he puts a lot of thought in the decision and it isn't done easily.  I'm sure he is just as attached to these characters as we are, at least I hope so.  

All in all, I really believe that Legacy brings together many characters that have just added perfection to this book.  This was the most thought provoking book in the series for me and I just felt that Crane has achieved pure writing genius with this one.  
Or simply put ......Mastery.  

I had to give Legacy:

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