Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Challenge: I am going to try the Debut Author 2013 Challenge! Yay for me!

So I thought about it and thought about it and I have finally decided to join up on the Debut Author Challenge 2013.  I realize it is really late in the year but then I also realize I have already read a few debut authors and didn't even know it.  (Well, I knew it but it was still kinda like a "huh" moment)

Now if you are interested in this challenge and all the rules of it as well as all of its rewarding benefits then go to Hobbitsies to see the guidelines.

So I already have a few books ready to add to this list but I haven't quite got their reviews up yet so when I do I will add that link to them  too.  
But I have faith in myself and the fact that I read a lot of books in the summer, to help me get through this challenge.  I am really excited too!  
I am going to try to do 12 books and I am really, really, going to strive for 20 books.  

So jump on this journey with me and lets see if I can complete the challenge!  Away we go!!

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