Monday, February 11, 2013


Birthday Bash!
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I cannot believe that Read to My Heart's Content has turned a year old.    I still remember getting the nerve up to start a book blog.  I was so scared!  I kept downgrading myself, thinking, "Who would want to know what I think about the books I read?  Who would care?"  
And you know what I found out?  

There is such a wonderful community of bloggers, authors, and readers out there that did care and actually enjoyed my insight into the books we love.  That is the greatest feeling!  
Thank you guys so much for being there for me; for giving me the courage and confidence I needed to keep writing and making Read to My Heart's Content what it is today.  
It is still growing and I am still learning new things, but I am enjoying every minute of it as long as I still have the greatest friends and followers with me.  

So I wanted to have a giveaway (or two) that would show my appreciation for all of you-international readers and US readers too- so I hope you enjoy this small token of my love for ALL OF YOU!

International Giveaway
Okay for this giveaway, I am giving away a  few of my favorite ebooks.  And most of these will be indie because when I first got started blogging those were the only authors who would take a chance on this small time blog, so I have a special love for my indie authors.  
Now some of these are in a series so if you have already read these books and would like to choose the next book in the series that is perfectly fine!  Just let me know!  
I will choose two winners for this giveaway and they will have a choice of two books each.  Here are some of the series you can choose from (again if you have read that one then please let me know and I will gift you the one in the series you haven't read yet) I hope that makes sense.  

You can click on any picture to be taken to their Goodreads page.  I have read every book but some of these I have read before I had a blog so I may go back and do a re read for the blog one day. If any of these are already free on Amazon then I will get the next one in the series for you instead.  
Also I will be gifting these for the Kindle, so please keep that in mind.  Please due to the nature of some of these books, I believe you should be 16 and over to enter this giveaway.   You will also have 36 hours to contact me with your information after I have chosen a winner; or I will be forced to choose another.    Remember this is open internationally and Good Luck!

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