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Interview + Giveaway: Lisa, Chad, & Chase Olivera authors of Chase Danger Super Spy Series

I am super super stoked to have some really cool people here today doing an interview for me and all of you.  As all of you know I have four kids, who love to read as much as I do,  and we have been lucky enough to find one of the best children's book series that we have ever read.  These books are filled with so much action, comedy, suspense, and the cutest little spy you will ever meet!  

Let me give you a little background information on these wonderful books:

Book 1: Chase Danger Super Spy and Mystery of the Special Sauce

Chase Danger is a boy just like your son: He loves his family, friends and pizza. He is also easily enraged by bad guys, who he quickly hunts down and defeats.

In his first adventure, he fights a giant octopus, pilots a flying saucer through space, builds his own flying car, and visits Paris, where a "special sauce" is brewing to take over the world.

Along the way he befriends Ali Bali, a mysterious girl with secrets of her own.

Book 2:  Chase Danger Super Spy and Pirates of Pineapple Island
7-year-old super-spies Chase Danger and Princess Ali Bali must think fast when they discover pirates have stolen Zalezgon's magical pineapples. But that's not all! Ali's little brother Aiden has been kidnapped by the dreaded pirate Captain Looney, who is planning on taking over the world with his newly invented Weather Rockets!

But this isn't just a book!  It also comes with a read a long cd too!  And this is award winning sound quality too.  It is just so awesome!

I am so excited to have the authors of Chase Danger Super Spy here.  Let me give you a little information on this family that writes and publishes together.

Chase Olivera and his parents Lisa and Chad Olivera are an Author and publishing
team from California. Published works include the Chase Danger, Super Spy Series:
Book #1 Mystery of the special Sauce and book #2 Pirates of Pineapple Island. Chase
is a bright seven year old in the second grade, Lisa works with young
children as a Special Circumstance Aide and Chad is a musician, composer and children’s
theater director. They live and work in Santa Clarita California. As a family they
enjoy writing books, going to the beach, watching movies and going on Geocaching adventures.

RTMHC: How did you come up with the idea of a kid spy book?
LISA & CHAD: : Chase was really into spies (James Bond, Spy Kids) and wanted to make a spy movie.  A movie is out of our budget, but thought it would be fun to try to write a read-along theater spy book as a family.  Our background is in recording and theater, so the music, sound effects, and actors were no problem.  We were very lucky to find Jack Tracksler, the narrator, after an exhaustive search.  We were also very lucky to find Adam Goodman to illustrate the books, as art is the one area we could not work out ourselves.

RTMHC: Did you have to do a lot of research for ideas or did you draw a lot of it from your life?
LISA & CHAD:  We read spy stories and watched spy movies during the first few months we were writing  Book 1.  It was fun to research as a family, but ultimately, it was Chase that came up with all the scenes, and Lisa arranged them into an order.  From our own life came Chase's love for pineapple pizza, Ali is a real friend(her nickname being 'Ali Bali' at the time), and Zalezgon is a real friend who is a great chef (whose real name is Javier Gonzalez).
RTMHC: Do you have any favorite stories/authors right now?
LISA & CHAD: We like so many but a few would be Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Zorro, Treasure Island, and so many more.  Chase is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid right now and loves it.
RTMHC: Who is easier to write: Ali Bali or Chase Danger? Why?
LISA & CHAD: They are equally fun to write.  When we get stuck on a line for Chase, we just ask the real Chase what he would say in the situation.  Most times that's what makes it in.
RTMHC:  If you could meet one person, who would it be?  The only catch is this person has to be literary-related; fiction or not.
LISA & CHAD: Chase would really like to meet Robin Hood.  Because he seems like he could be a real hero helping out the common people and has lots of adventures.  

Thank you guys so much for stopping by and chatting with us!  Make sure to check out their links at the bottom of the page.  This is a book series you will love for your kids (and yourself) to have.  And make sure to enter the Rafflecopter below to try to win your own copy of Book 1.  
Remember it is open to US residents only.  Must be 13 and up to enter or have parent's permission.  Winner must reply back within 36 hours or a new winner will be chosen. Good luck!

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