Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wow! What A Wonderful Time!

As you have noticed (hopefully) my blog looks a wee bit different and very very good!  The wonderfully talented and very patient Lori at Imagination Designs worked with me to find something that I absolutely love!  I want to see a big huge THANK YOU to Lori for putting up with my very picky self.  She is awesome and I highly suggest anyone who is looking for a new look to talk to Lori.  She can help you make your blogging dreams come true!  

Also, there is so much that has been going on and I can't wait to tell you guys everything!  Now you guys probably have heard me talk about my kids' love of reading too.  My oldest sons, the 9 year old twins, absolutely love everything that has to do with R.L. Stine.  They could tell you what year he was born, what his favorite color is, why he started writing...you get the idea.  Well for a few months we have been planning secretly to drive to Nashville, Tenn., (which mind you, for us is a six and half hour drive there) and let them get their books signed by Mr. R.L. Stine and hopefully their pictures took too.  
The day before the morning of the trip Mom (me) gets sick.  So not a fun adventure!  I was so scared that I was going to be miserable and not be able to go but thank goodness everything cleared up and we were on our way!  After a very long drive...I mean very LONG, with an especially crazy detour in Atlanta, we arrived in Nashville.  Oh my goodness, was it windy!!!  My son's Goosebumps hat, literally flew off his head and my husband is running down the street trying to catch it!  It was actually pretty funny watching my husband run down the road, waving his hands, like the hat would magically fly back!  Sorry...I digress.

The area where the festival took place was absolutely beautiful!  It was downtown Nashville around the War Memorial Plaza.  This place is breathtaking!  Everywhere you look is marble and even marble steps. I am sorry but I loved the beauty of this.  There was a beautiful greek statue in the middle of the plaza.  Oh my goodness I just wanted to stand there for awhile to gaze upon it.  I loved it!  

This is just after Conner about passed out when he seen Mr. Stine standing in a hallway.  I thought it was wonderful that we found something that finally rendered these boys speechless! 

I loved the panel discussion or the "Q & A" with R.L. Stine.  It was so informal and cozy.  He had us laughing with his great humor.  He is such a funny guy and you can tell he really loves what he does!  

 After the discussion we went downstairs to get in line for the signing and my sons were so excited!  Honestly, I was pretty stoked myself too!  This was my first author signing too so I couldn't wait to share this with my boys!  

They had their books ready and Conner had his skeleton and Goosebumps hat on.  Can you tell they were really really happy?  Yep, they couldn't stay still; they were bouncing around looking around to try to catch a peek at him.  

And finally, we reached their "dream come true":  

They were literally standing there with their little mouths open in complete shock that they were standing beside their favorite author of all time.  He told Conner that was a great hat and asked Conner where he got it and the only thing Conner could reply was, I have no idea but will you be my friend?  Bless his heart!  He was trying to talk to them but they were speechless.  Then when Dad was trying to take the picture R.L. Stine posed perfectly but the twins couldn't pull their eyes away from him.  Then when we had to leave...it was pretty hard to drag them away.  
I thought it was pretty creepy in just the perfect R.L. Stine way that Red Rain has some evil twins in it and look! I have twins...are they evil?  Well there is sometimes....lol.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend.  I was also lucky enough to pick up an autographed copy of a book I have been pining for awhile...but that will be in another meme post. 

Yes, it was a terribly long drive for these old bones but to see the smiles on my sons' faces and to meet such an iconic person...it was completely worth it!  

And of course we were able to see the beautiful leaves turning for fall so I leave you with this picture:

What did you guys do this weekend?  

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