Wednesday, July 4, 2012

ARC Review: Fire Kissed by Erin Kellison

Title: Fire Kissed
Series: Shadow Kissed Book 1
Author: Erin Kellison
Publisher: Kensington
Publication Date: July 3, 2012
Source: ebook from Netgalley
Fae Fire

It is Kaye Brand's power to wield. But outcast from her kind, she's been selling herself to the highest bidder—money for her survival in exchange for a magic glimpse into the flames of the future.

Angel Ice

One of the angelic Order, Jack Bastian has no use for a female like Kaye, as provocative and unexpected as her blazing beauty. Yet he has no choice but to hire her to uncover the secrets of his sworn enemy and her former fiancé, Ferrol Grey.


War is inevitable between the defenders of the Order and the mage Houses who threaten to engulf the world in Shadow. For Jack, mage-born Kaye is off limits, no matter how hot the impossible attraction between them. But in the coming darkness, beset by danger and desire, everything is about to change...

My Feelings:

All I can say is this is one HOT story!  I thought since this book is full of fire why not post it on the Fourth of July!  

Kaye Brand has been through hell in her life but she learned to use what she was given to make her way.  I really respect that from her.  She is probably one of my favorite heroines of this year.  She has so many layers it is impossible to get bored with her!  
Kaye is sexy, confident, tortured and very, very powerful.  

Since I am talking about the characters let me go on and talk about the villian:  Ferro Grey.  
Wow!  He makes bad really evil!
When he first came into the story, I thought to myself, "He doesn't seem so bad."  
I was terribly wrong!  He is worst than I imagined but this makes the story even better!

The mages are fearsome but not evil like the angels try to portray, and the angels are glorious but not killers like the mages told their children.   Gray areas, man you have to love them!  
I get giddy when a book I am reading has those gray areas that make the story even more complex and interesting.  

Another interesting take was how the Fae were described in this story.  Most Fae creatures I have read about are light creatures that help others, but these Fae have a dark side.  That is really cool!

This series takes place in the Shadow Series World, even though this is sorta a spinoff.  

There is sexual scenes in this novel but they are placed in well thought out areas instead of all over the place in usual adult romances.  I really liked that too!  The characters actually have lives instead of sex all the time.  (Don't get me wrong I love sex like the next girl, but come on when people are trying to kill isn't on my mind)

Overall, I really loved Fire Kissed.   I am now adding the other Shadow novels to my TBR list and I cannot wait to delve into this world of mages, angels, warriors, and strong independent women! 

I had to give this five hearts!~

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