Thursday, July 19, 2012

ARC Review: Blade Song by J.C. Daniels

Title: Blade Song

Author: J.C. Daniels

Publisher/Date of Publication: Shiloh Walker, Inc./ Aug.1, 2012

Source: received from net galley as ARC 


*this is an Adult paranormal romance. If you are under 18, just skip on by this review please.  

Author's Blurb:

Kit Colbana—half breed, assassin, thief, jack of all trades—has a new job: track down the missing ward of one of the local alpha shapeshifters. It should be a piece of cake.
So why is she so nervous? It probably has something to do with the insanity that happens when you deal with shifters—especially sexy ones who come bearing promises of easy jobs and easier money.
Or maybe it’s all the other missing kids that Kit discovers while working the case, or the way her gut keeps screaming she’s gotten in over her head. Or maybe it’s because if she fails—she’s dead.
If she can stay just one step ahead, she should be okay. Maybe she’ll even live long to collect her fee…

My Feelings:
So ya'll know I do like a good cover.  Can't help it I know it is wrong but...there it is.  This cover had me with mixed feelings.  The model kinda put me in the mind of Brittany Spears in the video Hit Me Baby One More Time.  She looks so innocent and naive, like she couldn't possibly hurt a fly.  And then you see the big ass sword she has in her hands there.  I personally am a huge fan of swords and daggers.  I even collect some from time to time so I can appreciate the beautiful piece of artwork there.  
Oh and in the background I see a pretty handsome chest back there too.  Is this just my imagination or is that a man I see?  
So I liked the cover but I didn't love it.  
The book is however a different story.  From the first minute I read the blurb I fell in love with this girl!  
Kit Colbana is one tough kick ass heroine.  She has a smart ass mouth(reminds me and always has a great comeback to anyone daring enough to challenge her.
She has a seriously troubled past but was able to rise up from it and survive.  Kit could definitely rock the Survivor song by Destiny's Child.  Kit isn't quite human but she is something that is very original to me; she is an aniera.  Apparently they are descendants of Amazonians.  And Kit is every bit the warrior, even though you don't technically get to read a lot about her fighting in action, you can pick up on a lot of it.  Besides being able to wield a weapon powerfully she does have a few handy tricks too.  
Then to top things off, she has this sexy shifter that has put him as her bodyguard through the case she is working on.  Damon (or as Kit calls him "Demon") definitely causes Kit  trouble in every way of the word.  But he also shows a gentler side when he gets done being a jerk.  
This is an adult paranormal romance but it is so much more than that.  It is a paranormal thriller too.  While there are some definite steamy scenes, sex isn't all over the place.  It is placed in meaningful places instead thrown in every couple of pages.  I really enjoyed the flirting and sexual tension between the two more than the actual sex scene.  
If there was one thing that I didn't like about the book was how things were repeated often, not including the mantra Kit repeats to calm herself.  No, I am talking about how her sword was her mother's throughout the book.  I didn't forget the first time and the second time that I was told that but we hear it more and more.  
Other than that I freaking loved this story!  It has a little of everything in it for all of you: vampires, shifters, witches and even warrior witches.  The witches were pretty darn awesome too.  
Oh and the bad guy?  You will be shocked to say the least.  
I am already counting the days until the next book, Night Blade, comes out...

I gave it 5 hearts!

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