Monday, June 25, 2012

In My Mailbox (2)

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Let's see what I got this past week, shall we?

The author was kind enough to send me this for me to read and review.  I cannot wait to get started on it. Below is the blurb on it:

The world of Arkaria is a dangerous place, filled with dragons, titans, goblins and other dangers. Those who live in this world are faced with two choices: live an ordinary life or become an adventurer and seek the extraordinary.

As the war heats up in Arkaria, Vara is forced to flee after an ancient order of skilled assassins infiltrates Sanctuary and targets her. Cyrus Davidon accompanies her home to the elven city of Termina and the two of them become embroiled in a mystery that will shake the very foundations of the Elven Kingdom – and Arkaria.

I picked this up at Amazon for just 95 cents.  I don't think this needs any blurb to tell about it, do you?

I also won a classic, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien from Sophie at Life Between Pages  Thank you so much!  This edition has beautiful illustrations by Alan Lee in it.   I cannot wait till I start reading this to my boys!

I picked this up from Book Rooster and I was so stoked about it.  I read the first book and loved it.  I can't wait to get started on this one too.  (This is an 18 + book, only adults)
Here is the blurb for it:

Patrick MacCahan just became the new Laird of the O’Malley clan. His new position is met with many obstacles, including a tempestuous new wife, a two decade long war with a neighboring village, a missing foster child and a pagan witch who overpowers the clan at every turn.

Parkin MacCahan’s life just got a lot more exciting. His older brother Patrick has married the eldest daughter of the O’Malley clan. And his father Laird MacCahan is building a shipping empire off the coast of Northern Ireland. Parkin must oversee the operations and coordinate efforts between the O’Malleys and the MacCahans.

In order to dock at O’Malley port, Parkin and his men must sail passed the legendary Island of Women. Will Parkin be able to withstand the temptation to trespass the legendary shore? Or will he be invited?

Kyra O’Connell has resided in O’Malley territory all of her life. As the niece of the late Laird Dallin O’Malley, and daughter of the clan’s chieftan; she has been part of the inner circle since before she can remember. When a spy is found among the villagers, Kyra is asked to take up residence on the Island of Women and to infiltrate their ranks as a spy herself.

So there are my books that I received this past week.    Alright now it's your turn.  What's in your Mailbox?

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