Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: The Essence of My Being by Jean Price

The Essence of My Being
Jean Price
Published:October 27, 2011
Digital format: Kindle

The cover drew me to this book before I even knew what it was about.  The rendering of Kya, the young female lead of the story, is gorgeous.  And of course, everyone knows how much I am insanely in love with elves.  So I had to give this story a try.  The author was kind enough to send me a copy of her book to read in an exchange for a honest review of it.  

Kya is a young woman turning 18 with so much to look forward to, except she didn't realize her coming of age included finding out she was of Elven blood.  It is actually very funny how she discovers this secret.  She notices her ears in the mirror as she is in the bathroom, and sees that they are pointed at the top.  I laughed at loud at her discovery and could imagine how I would be if finding this out.  I would probably be doing a lot more cursing, but Kya handled it very well.  
Kya goes on an adventure with her cousin as well as a handsome young Elf that is to die for, in search of what truly happened to her parents.  Along the way, she comes to realize that being an Elf is far different than what she thought, and wakes up some new powers she has, Kya learns what responsibility truly is.  
For me this seemed like a coming of age novel but with a creative paranormal twist to it.   I believe many young girls would benefit from reading this story because it does have a strong intelligent female heroine in it, that puts her family first.  
Also, the protectiveness her cousin Seth has for her is so endearing.  I actually fell in love with Seth before we are even introduced to the love interest in the story.  
I did feel though, that the love blossoming between Carsen and Kya happened way too fast.  It felt rushed, especially when Kya just met him at the beginning of the book.  I would have liked that to be a little more slower, but it doesn't take away from the book at all.  
In this story Price shows us that, in a world where werewolves and vampires are the norm for romance, Elves can be fun, exciting, and even a little dangerous as she takes readers on a thrill ride with Kya determining her place in this newfound magical world.  
This story is a great story for young ladies, because it shows us many different ways to love,  for our parents, our friends, our soul mates, but most importantly, for ourselves.  
I will definitely be looking forward to more and hopefully a sequel from Jean Price.  

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The Essence Of My Being is what you would like to read then click it and discover it on Amazon for Kindle.

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