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My Review of Spellbound by Kodilynn Calhoun

Kodilynn Calhoun
Published: March 12, 2012

I received Spellbound as a complimentary book in exchange for my honest review of it.  

I have read another of Kodilynn Calhoun's works before and I had my breath took away with such descriptive words that painted beautiful worlds, I didn't know if she could pull it off again.  But she did and even better!  
Spellbound is a strong story about love, fate, and redemption.  Our main characters, Wylde and Kascien, are as different as the moon and sun, and yet as we always learn opposites will attract.  

The story begins with Wylde's father, King of the Wyverns(dragon people) decreeing that she must pick a suitor or he will pick one for her.  She is furious and shifts into a beautiful dragon and roams the sky in an attempt to release her heartbreak at this news.  
Flying too close to the Shining Cities( like the modern cities of our world) she senses another of Dragon blood.  This is where Wylde comes in contact with a drakehound mutated with dragon blood inside it dying in the forest.  Wylde reads it's mind and realizes that the drakehound has been forced to fight it's entire life; she swears vengeance on the one that has did this.
Sneaking upon Kascien, the slave bound human in charge of the drakehounds, Wylde discovers she cannot kill him because he is as much as a slave as the drakehounds are.  She promises him salvation if he will help her release the animals into freedom.  
Kascien knows his decision will put his life in danger but he cannot say no to the princess.  As they make their way to the Kennels, everything they believe and know will be put to a test.   
It is an epic journey that they have to go through find what they want most in this world.  

There aren't many young adult stories about dragon shifters so this was a welcoming change.  
Calhoun creates beautiful pictures with her words, painting intense images inside your head as you read her stories.  I felt like I was really there in the Shining Cities with the magi, or walking in the red desert near Vanla.  
Another interesting factor in this story is how Calhoun took our modern devices and worked it into this story when speaking of the Shining Cities, and  combining it with a very medieval type feel with the dragons.  
There is so much going on with this story it was hard for me to put it down.  Yes, it has romance, but the romance isn't overpowering in the story to take away from anything else.  There is also mystery, magic, and some very serious fight scenes that any action hero could sit up and take note of.  
This is a story that both guys and girls could read and truly enjoy.  I actually came away learning something from Spellbound; you should always stand up for what you believe in, even when the odds are against you.  Wylde definitely does this and doesn't run away when things get scary.  She is a powerful, strong, and courageous female.  

Spellbound is an easy read that moves very quickly.  It has complex characters and writing that will blow your mind away with creativeness.  
I cannot wait to see what Kodilynn Calhoun has in store for us next.  

If you are interested in Spellbound to read on the Kindle, please click below:

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