Monday, March 12, 2012

Review for Wolfsong

Author: Kodilynn Calhoun
Format: Ebook

Wolfsong is a book that is such an amazing read, there was literally not a dull moment in the book. 
It takes place in present day surrounding a young boy named Kia who is 17 years old.  He isn't very popular and only has that one really close friend.  Kia(I absolutely love this name!) has always felt shy and not very confident when it comes to girls.  Enter Arii, a beautiful girl in his school that he has wanted to talk to for so long. Finally, his friend literally pushes him into it, and the adventure begins.  
Arii isn't any normal girl of his age, but she is a wolf.  A werewolf from another realm where werwolves are the norm and what we considered cool not so much there.  
This is a totally new concept for me; instead of the werewolves being cursed or even purebreds from this existence, they are from their own realm and just come to ours to visit.  This was a very creative idea and one that I am glad that came to life.
Of course problems arise, when Kia finds out where his father really comes from and what he has left to him.  The writing flows through the book and there is no choppiness at all.  The descriptions are beautifully painted and I almost imagined I was there, romping in the woods with the other wolves.  
It also has romance in the story but I would definitely recommend this to any high school or older boy too. There is fight scenes, and some of the descriptions could get just a tad gross(but blood isn't my favorite thing to read about).  
Another good point about this book is I don't believe it will be a series; which for young people, especially boys, I think can get tiresome.  This is a book that I would allow my sons to read after they are older.  I would group this novel into middle to late high school teens and even those in college just because some of the language can be strong.  It doesn't bother me but probably wouldn't be what middle school grade children should be reading.  
All in all, this is a great read for anyone wanting to read about wolves without the goriness and sexual situations that many adult novels offer; but it can still keep any adult entertained and on the edge of their seat.  If you think this book is what you are looking for you can order it from amazon by clicking here

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