Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review for No Exit

I read the most amazing book this weekend!! Literally, I had such a hard time putting it down and I felt the need to share it with all of you. It is called No Exit.  Julie Harris, a very talented Australian author has wrote another book I thought was wonderful as well called A Tear of Blood.  But she also has many other books under her belt that I intend to read eventually.

No Exit is the latest cross-genre book that Ms. Harris has given us.  And it is a very great gift indeed!
Basically, it is about an Australian woman named Rebecca Miller who is a psychic; but much more than that too.  To me, psychic just seems to plain to explain Rebecca.  Rebecca is a bright shining light in the darkness for many.  She can read people in all ways; their minds, their futures, their pasts, and even their auras and emotions.If that wasn't enough she is also blessed(or cursed?) with healing and she also sees and talks to spirits. She has been  living with this every since she was a little girl.  She has been shunned by society and only has one real friend, until now.
A few years ago, Rebecca had an appointment with Elizabeth Glover, who happens to be the wife of the future United States of America's president.  At the time Rebecca told Elizabeth that her husband would be the President but he would die coming off the jet.
Elizabeth, afraid of losing her husband, gives the recorded reading to the ones in charge and hence the story begins with Rebecca getting coerced into the custody of two Nighthawks.  The commander, Kelly Nolan, is in charge of the outfit and in turn feels responsible for Rebecca Miller.  In more ways than one; she is very familiar to him since he has been drawing and painting her for 15 years.
This is such a moving emotional story with very believable characters that you cannot help falling in love with.  I found myself wiping tears away at the sad parts and laughing out loud with the quirky sayings Rebecca has.
There were many connections to be found in this book.  Rebecca feels shunned by the world by everything that she can do; even though I am nowhere magical, I was shunned by other children when I was younger and I can share her feeling on this.  I remember having many imaginary friends but for Rebecca these were not imaginary friends, they were real.
Another way I connected is with Kelly Nolan.  He is a Native American,specifically Cherokee. I too, have Cherokee in my heritage, but mine is a very small part, but something I am very proud of.  It was uplifting to have a story with so many different characters from all over the world, working together for a common goal.
All Rebecca wants is to be normal, when in reality she doesn't realize she is a blessing to this world.
This story will have you guessing to the very end because of the carefully woven plot. No Exit is impossible to put down, and impossible not to love.
These characters will stay with you for some time and you will find yourself looking for your own personal Rebecca Miller.  I know I am.

If you would like to purchase this for  Kindle  please click here:

It is also available for Nook here

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