Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: The Vampire King

As everyone knows I am a huge fan of werewolves and I tend to enjoy the occasional vampire story too.  Well, Heather Killough- Walden has created many books that are very entertaining to read and appeal to my romantic side as well.  
Her series, Big Bad Wolf Series, is absolutely amazing!  There are four books in this series that deals with different alpha males finding their one and only female, who happen to be an alpha in their own right.  These books I have safely tucked away on my Kindle for me to read over and over again.  
But then she drops the bomb on us and tells everyone she will not be releasing any more BBW books; WHAT?!!?  NO!!!!!
Not to worry though, she has decided to start a new series called The Kings and the first book in the series is The Vampire King.  Our favorite characters from the Big Bad Wolf World will be scattered throughout offereing different cameos but we also get to meet new heroes and heroines that will make us sweat, curse, and yell.   
I just finished The Vampire King and the hero, Roman,. is right up my alley.  He is the tall dark and handsome vampire that every woman wants to find on her way home.  He is a caring person, but has been alive for so long, that he is just plain tired.  
Then, the heroine, Evie, is just amazing.  She is a paranormal author who writes about vampires swooping in and falling in love with females.  Little does she know that what she has written about has came to her doorstep.  
I loved the fact that Evie is an author.  I am hoping to eventually become a budding author too and so Evie is my hero in that aspect.  I loved the way Walden made Evie so life like.  Yes she is beautiful,but curvy.  She is independent, but she still has others that rely on her.  And she has panic attacks.  That makes the book more believable because too many times in stories, the heroine is presented with unbelievable information and they are just like, "well okay that is fine."  But not Evie, she accepts it up to a certain point and then she is just like hold the F up!!
If vampires are not something that you can wrap your head around, this story does have witches, warlocks, black magic, and the promising foreshadowing of some other very sexy kings that will get their chance at love.  
I think The Vampire King, is an interesting start to this promising new series, The Kings, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next "King" coming out.  

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