Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: Absolution(Book 3:Warriors For Light)

I just finished the third book in LJ DeLeon's series, Warriors For Light., and I have to tell you it was pretty darn good.  Absolution tells the us the hurt and guilt that Luc feels after having to put down his best friend and mentor Nate.  (Now if you haven't read the first two books, you might want to STOP reading this and get your book on) Allana, our heroine in this book, is the missing Fae princess who is searching for her twin daughters that here on Earth.  These two characters soon realize that they will need each other to battle all the evil that is in store for them throughout this story and I am sure in future installments.  
I really liked this book.  Allana is a wonderful character.  She is innocent even though she has experienced evil, but she is far from naive.  I love that DeLeon wrote Allana like this; because this is war they are in and we don't need anymore naive little princesses who can't see the truth right in front of their face.  
You can't help but fall for Luc.  He is just so adorable and the fact that he is a Druid (like a witch) just makes him more lovable.  He has power, lots of power, but he is still more human than others in the story; which allows us to connect with him on a more personal basis.  I also like how DeLeon made their bonding even more special and made them become one soul, because the character Luc really needs someone to share his soul with so he can finally let go of all the guilt he has experienced in his life, and start living.  Allana, being a healer, is the perfect person to bring Luc back to life so to speak. 
The only thing I wished we would have got a little more of was more information on the search for Allana's twin daughters.  I am so looking forward to those books, because the foreshadowing that LJ DeLeon gives us in this book about Kate and Sophie is so enticing; I have to admit: I AM HOOKED!!!  I didn't think I would become such an avid reader of this series but boy, was I wrong!  So ladies, if you are looking for a sexy new series that has so many different species in it, this is definitely the one you want to check out.  These books are more for adults with a few curse words and some descriptive sexual scenes.  
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