Monday, February 6, 2012

Reading is my first love

I have to say as long as I can remember I have loved to read.  I still remember snuggling up beside my mom, and she would read me my favorite story about a knight in a castle fighting a dragon.
Even as an adult, I still feel the most content when I have a good book in my lap, whether it be on my reader or the actual book.
This blog is going to be dedicated to all the books I have read and will be reading.  For every book, that I read, I will do a review on it.  I will let you know what things touched my heart and what things might have left me wanting more.
For me, being a parent now, I feel the most blessed to have my children love books as much as I do.

And through this journey, hopefully, I will find my strength to write the books that I have dreamed of writing.

Enjoy the ride.  I know it will be bumpy.....

But exciting!
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