Friday, February 6, 2015

Book Review: Bigfoot's Small Feet by Jason Bohne

Title: BigFoot's Small Feet
Author: Jason Bohne
Illustrator: Jordan Race
Publisher: Self
Date of Publication: Dec. 23 2014
Source: Kindle, Pdf, received from author,

My Thoughts:

I received Bigfoot's Small Feet from the author for my honest opinion of it.  

At first glance, you can see that the illustrations are done very well.  I like that Bigfoot doesn't look intimidating; not to mention he has small feet.  This would be a fine story to read to your younger kids as well as the older ones (9+).  At least my older boys enjoyed it.  
It is a great message for kids to accept themselves just the way they are instead of being sad and ashamed of how they look.  
There was one part in the story where Bigfoot hits a little blue monster for making fun of him.  It didn't bother my kids that much, but you might just want to explain to kids that its best to try to find a way to handle this without throwing punches.  But it is Bigfoot after all; he is a tough guy! 
Other than that, I found this short story enjoyable and my kids and I laughed at all the funny pictures and especially the *SBD at the end.  I think my favorite part was the troll with the red wig.  "Real Talk."  I still am laughing at just that little comment.  
It's a pretty good story for little kids and upper elementary too.  But don't take my word for it....:

Here's the boys to let you know what they thought:

Jace (6): I liked the pictures a lot.  They were really funny and had lots of color in them too.  I thought Big foot had a cute and cuddly face too.

Conner (11): This is a pretty good story for little kids.  Okay, I enjoyed too.  I thought the pictures matched the story very well.

Anthony (11):  Well, I pick on one of my younger brothers and now I feel kinda bad because of how the blue glob picked on Bigfoot for being clumsy.  I think I am going to try to catch myself from picking on my brothers the next time; but nobody is perfect.  Still, this book was pretty funny and I liked it too!

Michael (9): Yeah, I am the brother Anthony likes to pick on.  I am glad that this book could show him how it really feels.  Although, I have been telling him enough already.  I can really relate to Big Foot, except my feet aren't small.
  I don't think Anthony does this out of meanness, but its nice for him to see first hand how it feels.  
I loved this book!  I liked the pictures and I liked all the different creatures in it.  Big foot seemed like a really great guy.  I hope to see something else with him in it in the future.  

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