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Daddy and Daughter Book Review: Depths: Book 2 in Southern Watch Series by Robert J. Crane

Title: Depths
Series: Southern Watch
Author: Robert J. Crane
Publisher: Reikonos Press
Date of Publication: February 2014
Source: bought, as well as received from author for honest review.
Rating: 18 +
From Goodreads:
The underworld is rising in Midian, Tennessee, a small town and burgeoning hotspot of demonic activity. When a string of savage and horrific murders committed by demons shocks the town, the unknowing Sheriff's Department scrambles to track down the culprit.

Working outside the bounds of the law is Deputy Archibald "Arch" Stan and demon hunter Lafayette Hendricks. The two of them are keeping watch on the situation in Midian, trying to thin the demon population - a heavy task even when there isn't a rising body count to deal with.

Their investigation leads them on a twisting path that sends them up against the forces of hell, has them at odds with their significant others and may even cost them their lives. Because a new demon has come to Midian, one that has a taste for death...
...and he may not leave the town standing when he's done

Daddy's Review:
Well I thought I would never find myself enjoying a book so much that would I give it five stars, but I guess you should never say never.  Because I really really liked Depths so much I don't see how Mr. Crane can write the next book any better than this one.
Well there was still the extreme cursing, which I am not a fan of, but I do like that we have the main character, Archie, who refuses to curse.  So it seems to even things out for me.
Now before I read this book, my daughter warned me there was a very graphic scene that I may not be able to handle.  Well, I was okay.  Now I didn't enjoy the scene; but I didn't let that one scene affect how I felt about the overall story.  I think the one scene that probably bothered me more than anything was the wrecks on the highway.  I felt that was uncalled for, but probably more for a personal reason than anything.  And I know that scene probably bothered my daughter as well.
But it is pretty graphic and if you aren't used to watching horror movies with some gore, then you might not be able to handle it.
Boy I loved how Mr. Crane answered some of my questions I had after reading the first book.  And there is some interesting ideas in this second one that I did not see coming but at the same time I really liked it.
This book is full out action!  It is kinda like Die Hard- there is always something going on over here and there ; but it all ties in at the end.  I also really liked the new characters we meet, Lerner and Duncan, and I feel like they really bring something great to the story.
Overall, I enjoyed Depths a lot.  The first book was good but this one was great!  It just pulled me in and I found myself having a hard time putting the book down.  I believe I read this one faster than I did the first one or any of my westerns I read.
I was really happy with this book.  Shoot, I wanted to give it ten stars but my daughter says they don't rate that far.  Well I think they should.  But five it is.


My Review(Daughter):

I was forewarned by Crane that I might not like the disturbing scene that everyone was talking about so he wanted to let me know to watch out for it.  And I admit it was disturbing indeed, but I also know why it was there.  We needed to truly see the emptiness that Gideon is and the depravity of the situation showed us that Gideon only cares for his next "fix", so to speak. So from an author's standpoint, I believe that Crane executed that point perfectly.
The scene with the hooker actually didn't bother me as bad as it did everyone else.  Should I be worried?  Maybe I am just sensitive to other aspects....
Actually, I think Gideon "taking things into his own hands" probably got on my nerves more than anything.  As antagonists go, this one just irritated the hell out of me.
And Dad is right.  The scene that really bothered me more was the highway scene.  That actually hit me on a personal level, having been in a wreck that was pretty intense for me.

But there were two characters that I fell in love with completely.  Duncan and Lerner.  These two guys are awesome!  I felt like they really brought a new side to the whole demon hunting plot line.  Just when you think you everything is black and white, we get this huge side of gray and we don't have everything in neat little wrong or right compartments.  I loved the way they could get along with others and how fantastic they were at their job.  Hendricks will probably have to re think some of his beliefs now.

I am glad we find out more about the secondary characters as much as we do the main ones.  I love when the secondary characters prove to be just as important to the story line as the main protagonists.  That is some good writing!

And of course the action is nonstop!  But that is what I will always expect with a Robert J. Crane book.  I couldn't imagine him writing a boring book.  Nope!
I really think that if you enjoyed any of his other books you should try the Southern Watch series.  Yes it is graphic and gory, yes there is a ton of cursing, and some questionable antagonists but there is a lot of action and a very good plot that will blow you away!
I give it five hearts as well!

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