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Book Review: Rapture by Quinn Loftis { Elfin book 2}

Title: Rapture
Series: Elfin Series Book 2
Author: Quinn Loftis
Publisher: Self
Date of Publication: Dec. 25, 2013
Source: bought, e book,
Rating: Young Adult

From Goodreads:
Triktapic, the deadly dark elf assassin, has been restored by the Forest Lords to his rightful place as king of the Elven realm. Now, he must face his former comrades as he attempts to stop Lorsan, king of the dark elves, from enslaving the human race. Lorsan has already begun distributing Rapture, the irresistible drink that destroys those who unknowingly become addicted to it. Will Cassie, his Chosen, be able to give Trik the strength he needs to face his dark past?
Meanwhile, Cassie’s best friend, Elora, is in a fight for her own life. Elora, her mother, Lisa, and a small band of light elves have traveled deep into the dark elf realm in hopes of rescuing Cassie and Trik. But their mission quickly turns into a battle for their own lives as they are surrounded by Lorsan and his warriors. Though outnumbered ten to one, the humans and elves fight heroically. They fight for a King once lost, but now found. They fight for the human realm that doesn’t yet know it is in need of saving. They fight for love; a love that has already been discovered and a love that is waiting to be revealed. Despite their valiant efforts, the band is captured and held captive by the dark elf king.
The peaceful world that Cassie and Elora knew is long gone, shattered by their realization that elves walk secretly among them, and are bent on their destruction. Soon, each of the girls will be forced to choose her own path. Cassie must decide to which world she belongs and Elora must decide if she will fight for a warrior hell bent on keeping her from his side.
Two species, human and elf, stand on the precipice of war, united in one goal; shatter the dark elf king’s plan, and unite a divided race under the rule of the one true King.

My Thoughts:
The first book, Elfin, didn't take my breath away like most Quinn Loftis books do.  I liked it but I wasn't in love with it.  But I was vested enough in the book that I needed to read book 2, Rapture.  And I am very pleased that I did.
Rapture was amazing.  It truly came through for me in every way I was expecting a Quinn Loftis book to be: sexy, funny, exciting and just a fun young adult read.

I have this giddy hope that some of the characters from The Grey Wolves Series might show up in this series; but I am not sure if she will grant that wish.  I am a huge fan of combining worlds and I think when I dream at night I interact with all my favorite characters from all the series in the world!  A Mii Verse for book characters if you will.

 Quinn Loftis is wonderful at crafting these intriguing characters that really capture our hearts and make you feel some intense emotions as they go through their lives.  I think Rapture made me want to go back and read Elfin, looking through a whole new perspective.  Maybe I was just in a different mood at that time because now I can't seem to get enough of the sexy as hell elves.
Cassie has went through some major issues from the first book and I believe there is still some lingering fear residing inside her mind.  But on a whole, she seems to be more in control and the Queen she needs to be for her mate, Trik.
I love that Trik is like the dark and light elves combined.  He has qualities of both peoples and I think that is great way to show us the differences and similarities between the elves.  Loftis does a fabulous job of showing us the turmoil that lives inside a character that is used to the dark for so long and then to be immersed in the light, trying to live with the decisions he made.  Heavy real life stuff in an paranormal world.
That is what I love about Loftis; she can immerse us in a world with elves and magic, and yet make us still see the realistic side to it all.

I enjoyed Rapture very much but I think that has a lot to do with Elona.  She is hilarious, strong willed and highly intelligent.  Plus, the fact that she is a smart ass totally makes it all worthwhile!  I think if you are fan of Quinn Loftis, then you have probably already picked up this book.  But if you are new to her books, I think you should try them if you are interested in intense young romance, action, and incredible hot looking elves.  You will definitely be in for a treat!

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