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Blog Tour: Bass Instinct by Will Macmillan Jones: Book 4 in the Banned Underground Series

Hi everybody!  I am super excited to be a part of the blog tour for Will Macmillan Jones that Safkhet Publishing has put together for  his new book that just released April 1, 2013 called Bass Instinct.  Here is a short synopsis of the book and each of the other books in the series Banned Underground:

Title: Bass Instinct
Series: Banned Underground Book 4
Author: Will Macmillan Jones

Book Synopsis:

Dai the Drinking Dragon has been kidnapped by the Dark Lord for
nefarious purposes, and by his Receptionist for even less reputable
reasons. Without their bass player, The Banned Underground are
in deep trouble with their record label. They have to produce the
recordings for an album, and someone has stolen the tapes from
the last gig. Can they make some more recordings, or will Freya,
the renegade dwarf bass player, distract the boys while the Dark
Lord’s evil schemes come to fruition?
The Dark Lord has found some thugs to help him in his latest plan
to invade the Dwarf Mansion, but they have other things on their
minds—like looting and pillaging—and it’s all going wrong again.
Will record-producing Adam set his Ants on The Banned? Or
will it all come good in the end? Time is Tight on this one for The
Banned Underground...
 The Amulet of Kings Book 1

Book Synopsis:

What could be worse? Having to take a holiday in the (rainy)
Lake District in the North West of England with an aunt who
turns people into frogs for a hobby? Or battling the local dark
lord, whose attempt at world domination starts with the nearby
underground dwarf mansion and its enormous collection of used
pizza boxes? Or getting involved with a jazz-loving bog troll and
his dwarfish R&B band? Or is it being miles from a McDonald’s?
Join the teenagers and find out in this comical adventure where
jazz and magic make a tongue-in-cheek laugh riot!

 The Mystic Accountants Book 2

Book Synopsis:

In the mist-haunted Dwarf Mansion, the Banned Underground
has played another gig. But this time the feedback has blown the
Throne of the Mountain King apart, and the Banned must find
a replacement on pain of, well, pain. The junior dark lord is out
for revenge, if his satnav doesn’t keep him from following the
band. Grizelda, the off-white witch and occasional aunt to the
teenagers, is busy with some mad monks who want to conquer
the world starting with Wales.
Maybe Dai, the drunken dragon can help? Will the Tuatha stay
out of the pub long enough to render assistance? If not, Jailhouse
Rock looms for the Banned Underground…

 The Vampire Mechanic Book 3

Book Synopsis:

Oh dear. Santa’s not-so-little helpers have “borrowed” his sleigh
on their way to a Banned Underground concert – and crashed
it on the way. Can the Banned help them before Santa finds
out? But the mechanic who services the sleigh is a vampire, and
getting the job done could be a challenge. If that’s not enough, the
Dark Lord’s Mercedes is getting a bit long in the tooth too, and
he fancies the sleigh as a replacement. And will Grizelda, the offwhite
witch give back the reindeer after using one to win the local
show-jumping competition?
With the vampire mechanic in the clutches of the apprentice
Dark Lord and Grizelda’s dreams of blue ribbons, the Banned will
have to go like a Bat out of Hell this time…

 We are also lucky enough to have Mr. Will Macmillan Jones as a guest blogger for today too!  Everyone be sure to go to Goodreads and check those books out (just click on the covers to be taken to their respective pages)!  

Hi Amy, thanks for inviting me along today. Despite some appearances, I haven’t been doing this for very long, and it still all feels a bit strange. For the benefit of those who don’t know – which is almost certainly everyone of your readers – I am a fantasy author, who by some strange quirk of Karma managed to get a contract for a series of eight books from a (possibly deranged ) publisher. 1 April 2013 will see the release of the fourth book in The Banned Underground series, which follows the adventures of a beer drinking, pizza loving, dwarf rhythm and blues band and their friends and – ahem – enemies, and their local Dark Lord. It is not entirely serious, which is probably why I failed to place it with the Harper Collins True Life division.

You were interested in what inspires me to write? Well, I’ve always wanted to entertain. Behind a keyboard no one can hear me sing, which – and trust me on this – is just as well. I can’t dance either. And when I pick up my beloved Les Paul, my dogs run howling into the kitchen to get away. The only reason the neighbours don’t come round to complain about it is because they have fled. So writing is my best option, really. And I have to confess that I enjoy it. I have a secret ambition to one day make someone fall off their chair laughing at something I’ve written. It hasn’t happened yet. Yet…

It is very easy to start writing. It only gets hard when you start to take it seriously, and realise that if anyone is actually going to pay real money to buy some of your books then you have to learn to write, and it’s not as easy as you thought. The best advice I can give to anyone is to join an online writing group. I can honestly say that without mine –The Alliance of Worldbuilders ( find us online, we hang on facebook and www.authonomy.com) - then I would never have improved my writing to the level where anyone would consider it a serious proposition. Your friends are no good to you, as a writer. They will only tell you the nice things, and you need to hear the nasty things to see what’s wrong with your work. That is often best online, where that little bit of distance can grant perspective.

If you don’t fancy joining a group, then try this: pick up a book in the genre you want to write. Then read it. Really carefully. Then get out a pen and paper, and write a detailed critique of the book. What was right, what was wrong. Then get another book, and do that again. And again. And again. Then look at your notes, and see if a common theme arises for you. Then re read your own book, and apply the same techniques. It is amazing how differently you will view your own material after you have critiqued a few other books in depth.

And a final piece of advice: do not rush to self publish your book. Everyone who has ever got a publishing deal has also collected a load of rejections, and learnt from the experience. That’s all part of becoming a better writer, and you owe it to yourself to have the experience. I’ve got a treasured collection of rejections myself….

About The Author:

A fifty something lover of blues, rock and jazz, i managed a first lifetime ambition by extending my bookcases to fill an entire wall of my home office. And a second when my publisher signed my whole comic fantasy series...

Find Will Macmillan Jones on Goodreads here
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