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Book Review: Hank Mossberg, Private Ogre Death in the Hallows by Jamie Sedgwick

Title: Hank Mossberg, Private Ogre Death in the Hallows
Series: Hank Mossberg Private Ogre book 2
Author: Jamie Sedgwick
Publisher: Timber Hill Press
Date of Publication: June 9, 2012
Source: received e copy from author for my honest review
Get your own copy: Amazon 

Goodreads Summary:
Hank Mossberg, the world's first ogre private eye is back in action. Hank is throwing a bachelor party for his best friend and deputy-dwarf Butch O'Shea, when he gets a phone call from an old friend, a wood-elf journalist named Flick Hunter. Flick begs Hank to meet him in the seedy undercity neighborhood known as the Hallows. Hank agrees and travels to the undercity -the magical home of thousands of fae creatures hidden in a cavern underneath San Francisco- and arrives just in time to find Flick murdered. Hank finds the magical sword known as Excalibur driven through Flick’s chest and into the stone beneath him. 

The undercity's chief detective warns Hank to stay off the case and out of the way, but for Hank, it’s personal this time. Hank promises Flick’s widow that he’ll bring the killer to justice but little does he know that while he’s investigating the illegal black market of enchanted weapons, the undercity’s most powerful citizens are looking to end Hank’s investigation permanently. Crooked cops, power mad elites, and goblin gangsters are just the beginning of Hank’s troubles. He’ll stop at nothing to expose the killer, unless the killer finds him first.

My Feelings:

Imagine if you will, Dick Tracey, Indiana Jones, and Shrek (okay not Shrek but that fills in the Ogre part) combined into one person.  
Enter Hank Mossberg, the last known Ogre living in San Francisco who happens to be the Steward for the magical beings in the world too.  You ask what is a steward?  Well if you read the book you will get the idea but basically like a peacekeeper for Mother Nature.
Hank is a very lovable character who always tries to look out for his loved ones and friends, to the point of danger for him.  Hank isn't a very complex guy but I think that is the appeal of him.  He is a simple ogre with a lot of heart that is pretty lonely.  
  He always tries to keep the magical creatures in line and usually finds himself in the middle of murder investigations continuously.  Unfortunately this time it hits close to home.
There is a "whodunnit" theme running around in the story for the murder case and another mystery involving the adorable dwarf, Butch and his bride.  For the life of me, I could not figure out who the culprit was until Hank figured it out.  That is very refreshing to be in the dark , second guessing yourself with the protagonist until the end.  
There is a little bit of a love interest for Hank, even though it is physically impossible for him to snuggle up to any magical creatures because his one and only power zaps all their energy out.  That is great for defending yourself but not so good when you want to get freaky-deaky.   Annie is not my favorite person in this book.  Honestly, I can't stand her.  I just feel like Hank deserves someone very special.  
There is a new character introduced that I fell in love with, although she is a little scary and a tad bit evil.  Siva is a sexy dark elf who definitely has something up her sleeves.  She brings something mysterious to the table that is creepy yet seductive.  

Death in the Hallows could be read as a stand alone but come on guys you know it's more fun to read them in order.  
Mr. Sedgwick takes all the creatures you would find in a fairy tale and plops them down in modern day San Francisco creating an urban fantasy that is comical, sinister and just out of this world.  He takes our redeeming and not so redeeming qualities and works them into the magical creatures' personalities.  What we get is something quite unique and strangely entertaining.   
I gave Death in the Hallows four hearts and I cannot wait to see what is coming up in Hank's life.  

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