Friday, July 27, 2012

Meeting a Favorite Author is...

I just got off the phone with my mom who was definitely fangirling a little (it's okay Mom I am happy for you!!)  She was able to meet, talk to, and take a picture with one of her favorite authors from GA.  His name is Terry Kay.  He has wrote many books including To Dance With the White Dog and The Year the Lights Came On which I think one of , if not both, has been made into a movie.  

She was so happy and commented how extremely nice and polite he was to her adoration.  And bless her heart, she remembered me and mentioned the blog and the fact that her grandsons ( my sons) love to read as much as we do.  I thought that was so sweet that through her very special moment she still had us on her mind.  
This got me to thinking:  What author would you love to meet, chat with and possibly share a picture together?  

My author would probably be Ann Rice.  I really love her as a writer and as a person.  Her books helped me through a very difficult time in my life and she will always have a special place inside that is dedicated to Ann Rice.  To tell you the truth, it was Ann Rice that helped me develop my love of vampires and witches.  

So my ending to the title: "Meeting a favorite author is a truly magical moment that will freeze itself inside your heart for an eternity."  

What would be your ending?


  1. This is a tough question for me! I have so many authors that I just love. I guess my #1 would be Amanda Hocking simply because her and I have talked so much online over the years, and I love her work. To her I would be a real person, not just another fan. But I would also love to meet Claudia Grey, Rachel Vincent, JR Ward, Colleen Houck, Charlaine Harris...the list goes on and on!!

  2. Definitely Terry Pratchett. His Discworld series has been a favorite of mine for many years


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