I liked Murder in the Boughs by Jamie Sedgewick.  I loved the fact that our protagonist(Hank) is an Ogre.  An Ogre?!  How cool is that?  Hank is funny, brooding, and smart.  He doesn't trust magic even though it is all around him.  To make things even more interesting and a little sad, Hank is the last of his kind.  He is the law of the supernatural world called the Steward.  One touch from Hank and he zaps all the magical energy from the paranormal being and it's nap time.  
There is a few different themes running through the story: comedy, mystery, and of course fantasy.  It definitely takes a typical fantasy story and twists it to an urban setting, which is actually  funny.  We have gangster elves, goblin drug dealers, and a very cool deputy dwarf who really can hold his liquor.
I think if you like to laugh with a little bit of a mystery then go ahead and grab this story for a light read.  It's like the Grimm Fairy Tales meets CSI and makes for a interesting twist.  I gave the story 3 hearts.

*I received this book from bookplex