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Review: Two novellas by Robert J. Crane: Savages and A Familiar Face

Savages: A Sanctuary Short Story
Robert J. Crane
Published: March 2012
Formats: Kindle, Nook

I discovered the Sanctuary series a year ago when I received a copy of Defender from  I was immediately impressed with the descriptive writing that enfolds us into a whole other world where trolls, goblins, elves, and warriors exist together.  I became a huge fan of this intriguing fantasy series that is as beautifully written as any J.RR. Tolkien book.  
This is a series that has a lot of spunk, humor, thrills, and even romance that will have you hooked the minute you set forth with Cyrus Davidson.  
I was especially happy(okay, I was bubbling over with joy) when I received Savages to read and review.  It takes place during the first book, Defender,  and it helps us learn how Vaste and Cyrus really become friends.  
Of course, Cyrus judges Vaste, a troll, by the actions of the other trolls that killed his father many years ago, instead of by the traits that Vaste has. 
We see the weaknesses that Cyrus must deal with in order to be a better person and a better guildmate to his fellow fighters.  He learns to trust those he thought he never could and makes a very good friend in the process.  
This story is short but it has a lot of heart.  It is filled with action and definitely humor.  I love how Crane can give us a story that is full of meaning and lessons but still allows us comedy.  I think he knows how important it is to laugh.  
Vaste will definitely pull a guffaw out of you.  

Possible Spoilers below:

A Familiar Face: A Sanctuary Short Story
Robert J. Crane
Published: April 2012
Format: Kindle, Nook 

This short story gives us a brief glimpse into the life Cyrus led before he became the famous warrior of Sanctuary guild.  In this very short novella, we see a more tender side of Cyrus that makes me respect him even more as one of the heroes of the series.  As he grows physically, he learns and changes emotionally and spiritually.  I think this was a nice way for him to pay his respects to the life he left behind in search of the life he hopes to have with Sanctuary.  
Cyrus also learns that it is hard to keep a promise of the future when no one knows their destiny.  I think, in some ways, Cyrus regrets leaving his wife behind in search of his adventures, but I believe in losing the memory of her face, this opens it up for the romance that is already blossoming between Vara and Cyrus subconsciously to be brought more into the open in the books that follow.  
I enjoyed this addition to the Sanctuary series, even though it was very short.  It would have been nicer if could have been a little bit longer, but it doesn't take away from the story at all. 

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*received both from author.

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