Saturday, February 11, 2012

Review: Just a Drop(Book 3 in The Grey Wolves)

I just finished reading Just a Drop by Quinn Loftis from the series, The Grey Wolves, and let me just tell you I FREAKING LOVE THESE BOOKS!  Just to let you know how much I enjoy these young adult novels, I bought this book Thursday and I finished it this morning.

A little background on the series so far.  We are introduced to three young Southern girls(did I mention Southern girls rock?), Jacque, Sally, and Jen, who are best friends in every sense of the word.
Wherever Jacque goes, the other two are sure to follow.  Even if that means going over the world to the country of Romania.  I really don't want to give too much information a way, especially if you haven't read the other two books.

There are hot werewolves, beautiful girls, mystery, suspense, and the what I love so much: comedy!  In my opinion, this series is very comparably to the Twilight series, but has much more heart to it.  There is just not a boring place in these books.  These books flow so well, that before you know it, you already at the end of it.
I know that werewolves are a main part in my fantasy world and I love the way Miss Loftis explains everything about pack law, mates, and how the wolf works on the inside.

If I had to say there is one thing that I didn't like about this book is the abrupt cliffhanger at the end.  I think I read and reread the last page many times. I guess I was hoping more would just magically appear.  I am looking forward to next books in the series, in fact, I am praying that this series just keeps going and every wolf in the pack that we get to know just a little has a book about them.
The cover art is also a work of art.  The tribal markings on the sides of the picture make me think of what the mating marks look like.
Now, I think I am going to go and read through the series again. Yes, it definitely gets better and better after the first reading; and then I hope the next books come out very, very soon.

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